Super Teens Leadership Camp

Almost 140 6th-12th grade students participate in the Super Teens Leadership Camp each summer.  The focus of the five-week camp is collaboration, being a positive role model, decision making, self-control and discipline, being proactive, time management, serving others, honesty, commitment and communication.  The camp includes an excursion to Key Largo for lessons in marine biology.
High schoolers taking dance lessons from Fred Astaire dance studio from Bonita springs._edited
High schoolers taking dance lessons from Fred Astaire dance studio from Bonita springs._edited

Leadership and Team Building

This camp engages middle and high school students in an exciting five-week experience of learning team building and leadership skills.  Students participate in field trips expanding their life experiences while encouraging them to set goals and priorities for their lives.


Character Development

Each year in summer camp, students develop their leadership skills, connect with their faith, overcome fears, gain confidence, improve their self-esteem, build peer relationships, learn to depend on one another, gain more responsibility and simply have fun and laugh together! Super Teens Leadership Camp helps grow and empower the whole student spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.


Physical Fitness

At the camp, students participate in activities such as kayaking, canoeing, hiking at Koreshan State Park and exploring the Naples Botanical Gardens.


The teens take many outings over the course of the camp to experience the adventure of life while learning to work together, interact with adults, and explore the many opportunities our community has to offer.  Exciting field trips, such as canoeing down the Estero River, boating in Naples with Freedom Waters Foundation, taking music lessons, snorkeling on coral reefs in Key Largo and seeing a performance at the Broadway Palm Theater allow students to explore “new horizons!”