Super Girls Club

A Friday afternoon program for 4th and 5th grade girls offers them the opportunity to learn sewing, cooking, crafts and life skills with caring mentors.  This program helps prepare the girls for middle school.  This year, 61 girls attended these clubs, which take place at Super Kids Club locations.  The Super Girls are taught using eight different units of study: team-building, relationships, faith, giving/service, self-esteem, etiquette, health/nutrition/safety and economics.
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Gardening Time
Gardening Time
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Role Models and Leadership

Young girls who are part of the at-risk population have very few role models to help with social skills, transitioning through puberty, preparing for peer pressure in middle and high school, and avoiding the threats of human trafficking.  These girls need the encouragement of role models who are successful, establshed women in our communities, which they receive at the Super Girls Club.

Action-Based Learning

At the Super Girls Club, students learn how to work together with partners, small groups and teams to accomplish tasks.  They participate in community service projects and learn how to use their gifts and talents to help others.  This hands-on experience gives the girls a sense of accomplishment and a better understanding of their self-worth and abilities.

Character Development

Girls will learn the importance of making good choices, honesty and taking responsibility for their words and actions.  They will also learn the characteristcs of healthy relationships with friends, family members and peers.

Special Projects

Guest speakers from the community are invited to speak to the girls on a variety of topics ranging from nutrition to human trafficking.  For instance, the girls participated in a community garden, where they worked together to demonstrate the different stages of plant growth and learn how food can go from a seed to their tables.


Students at Super Girls Club are greeted with snacks and drinks to enjoy before they tackle their units of study.