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Edgar has been part of New Horizons since he was in third grade. In that time, he has grown from being a shy boy into a young man determined to graduate. He is set to join the army in summer 2021.

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"Being in the program has motivated me to challenge myself and work hard in successfully taking AP, AICE and honor-level classes throughout high school and has made my relationship with God much closer."

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"It has always been difficult for me to stay on task and focused at school, causing my grades to plummet. When I joined New Horizons, they helped me focus and made me realize the importance of getting better grades. I have gotten on the A/B honor roll and had perfect attendance many times since then."

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"Throughout the years, [Club Directors] Mr. Luis and Mrs. Esther have made a positive impact on my life. They’ve helped me in every aspect of my relationship with God and given me motivation to strive for a better future. This program has given me opportunities I would never have imagined in my life."

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"New Horizons is more than just a program to me; it helped shape who I am today. Now I am not scared for my future. I know what my plans are and I will achieve them."

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"Because of New Horizons, my parents and I won't be frantically panicking about how I'm going to pay off college or technical school. They assisted me in applying for scholarships and due to this I have now obtained not one but two scholarships... These scholarships will contribute to being the first person in my family to follow their dream career."

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"At first, I would hang out with people that did not have the best influence on me but as time went on, new staff like [Club Director] Mrs. Esther really had a big impact on me. I used to not care about school but she would sit down with me and talk about life. She helped me change my mindset."

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"I have been attending New Horizons since I was in 6th grade. I keep coming because this is a place where I can go and ask for help when I need it. I am very shy but they have always been there when I needed them."

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"I used to have trouble with my history classes due to the complex and specific words that are found in books, but thanks to help from volunteers I managed to understand, breaking down each class in a more understandable way."

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"Through this program I have learned things about myself and life. I learned to be more patient, compassionate, empathetic, hard-working, confident, and to be more respectful to myself."

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"When I first started school, I struggled to read books and speak English well. I actually failed 1st grade because of this struggle. New Horizons saw this and would make me read a couple pages and ask me questions about what I read. Even though I hated doing this, it helped me in the long run and I am now an honor roll student. "

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Congratulations, Class of 2021!