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My name is Dianet and I attend Gulf Coast High School. In the fall, I plan on attending Florida Southwestern College and study cosmetology to learn to open my own salon. 


New Horizons has helped me a lot with my English and my homework. For example, my grades were very bad due to not being able to speak English well. I have only been here in the United States for a couple of years. My family and I came here to this country from Cuba for a better life and more opportunities. Both of my parents work hard and expect me to do well.  When I began attending New Horizons, my grades improved a lot and now are much better. Also, they have helped me to improve my grades and with my college preparation. I have been unsure of what I want to study and just the other day during “College Bound,” my director and I were talking and she helped me to discover how to take what I love and turn it into a profession. 


New Horizons means a lot to me because I have learned so much about myself and I have met many people who help me and support me.  New Horizons is like a family to me. I have even brought a friend to New Horizons so that she too may get help and grow as I have.


Hi my name is Gilberto. I am currently a senior at Estero High School. I joined New Horizons when I was in 1st grade and I am still attending the program as I finish up 12th grade. This organization has given me the help and mentoring that I needed during my years in high school. They have also given me amazing opportunities that I would have never been able to experience outside of the club. They gave me the chance to go to FCA. A Christian camp where I learned a lot from God. Overall the experience was amazing. New Horizons has also helped me apply for the Take Stock in Children Scholarship when I was in 6th grade. With all this help I was able to pass intensive classes that I have been taking for years. This program is very helpful and I would recommend it to everyone that needs help in their homework or in their spiritual life.


Hello, I am Itzel and I am a senior at South Fort Myers High school. I started to attend new Horizons in my freshman year, and I thank God for this organization. When I was about to transition from middle school to high school, I remember being terrified, because I was going to a new school where all my friends for 9 years weren’ t going; especially my best friend, Merari. I was worried I was going to lose touch with her and thanks to new horizons we were able to keep our friendship. Still 15 years and strong! New Horizons has taught me numerous things, but what stood out to me was how to humble myself and live in righteousness. I was never the type of person to ask for help when I needed it, I always thought that my problems were my own and no one should deal with them except me, but that wasn’t the case. Not asking for help was a huge problem until I learned to humble myself and ask for help from the wonderful volunteers and staff members. New Horizons has always helped me live in righteousness through their devotionals. The devotionals were a great reminder to stay in God’s plans for my life, and through their devotionals, many of my prayers were answered. New Horizons gave me the opportunity to volunteer at events and attend field trips, which made everlasting memories with my friends. New Horizons has been a crucial part of my years. Leaving this program will be really hard for me. But I know what has to be done. I will attend Florida SouthWestern State College to become a registered nurse and study music. I feel that serving others is one way to live out my Christian faith and music has always been an important part of my life; especially singing at my church and with my friends. The New Horizons program has been invaluable to my growth as a person, May God Bless this wonderful program. Thank you.


Hi, my name is Jocelyn. I am a senior at Lorenzo Walker Technical High School. I joined New Horizons halfway through the 3rd grade, in which I will be ever grateful for being given the chance to come to the program. At home and in school, I had a tough situation. My mother was a single parent who did not understand English and I was bullied from grades K through 6. However, my story on how I fell upon this program is one from a little kid’s dream. Due to the bullying I endured in elementary school, I didn't have friends and stayed quiet. I was afraid the bullies would find me to continue their torture. To create a solution where I could avoid the bullies, I hid in the library where I befriend Mr. Library man or as many will know as Mr. Louis. He had been volunteering at my school’s library and was the director of the first super kids that had opened in Naples. When he would talk to me in the library, he would always tell me about Super kids and how it was one of the best programs that he had ever been in charge of . My sister was accepted her Kindergarten Year and my mom tried to get me into the program until i got the news during winter break. I can say since then this program has not only helped me to achieve success in my academic life, but it also saved my life. Growing up, I kept my life very private and did not want to speak about my personal life. I stayed quiet of my depression and anxiety, the fact that my mom struggled working to provide for my family, and the medical problems that forced me to miss days of school. Yet, this program opened doors that I would never imagine could save me. This program benefited me in so many ways, in which by God’s grace, has permitted me to reach to this point in my life. This program showed me what it was to have safe space with God, what it meant to achieve the impossible and know that I wasn't alone. This program has encouraged me to join my PN class at my school, take the opportunity to do dual-enrollment, volunteer to all the events by New Horizons and be blessed to work at New Horizons of Naples. To my mom, it was a blessing because she wanted a better future for me, which is something my mom has always wanted thanks to the program. What I believe was the part that made me feel at home in this program was the summer of my 7th grade year. I met the best group of girls, in which I'm happy to say, that these girls have become part of my family alongside Mr. Louis, Mrs. Ellen, and Ms. Jan. They have changed my life forever and be the family I will love forever. They have inspired me to dream what I thought was impossible. They told me to follow my dreams and passions as well.  This program made me think of when I was in and out of the doctor's office; seeing myself fascinated by the idea of being a doctor. I had done research and loved every speciality known possible, but I always went back to surgery and helping kids. As I reflect on this idea, I pray and hope to finish college with a biology degree, apply to medical school and become a successful Pediatric Surgeon. To end this off, as I continue the next step in my life I will carry this with me for the rest of my life: “You don't need to please anyone because the Mighty One is proud of what you have been able to accomplish now. Don't listen to the lies because you know you are awesome in God’s eyes. You have a family here who is proud of you too.” I’m making my family proud of what I could accomplished through a program that treated me like their own.


Hello my name is Jonathan. I am currently a senior at Estero High School in the program New horizons. I've been apart of New Horizons since first grade and still attend the program as a senior in high school. New Horizons has kept me focused on my studies and academic career. Throughout the school years I have been on track with studies by taking advantage of the opportunities. New Horizons provides with tutors and mentors that I would never get at home due to a language barrier. I appreciate new horzons a lot because they kept me in touch with God. I’m not a bad kid,  but I always had a tough time engaging with God and learning about God. My best memories came from a camp that new horizons sent us too. It was FCA. A life changing experience for everyone. It made my relationship with God much stronger. This program is the best program I attended in all my years. It’s helpful in many ways. In school , academics , life , and home, new horizons has benefited me in every way. I thank the lord that I joined this program. It weren’t for this program, I probably wouldn’t have met the people I know now, and I probably wouldn’t be at the position that I am now. Thank you to the people that contributed to the program such as volunteers , donors , and mentors. Thank you for making this program possible.


Hello, my name is Juana. I am a senior at Estero High School. I have been part of  New Horizons ever since I was in kindergarten. I have enjoyed being part of the program They've helped my family and I when we needed it. New horizons has helped me in my life by achieving my goals and making me strive to succeed. They have taken me in and helped me so much in school. When I entered school, my parents couldn't help me with homework because they didn’t understand English language. My brother found out about New Horizons SKC and enrolled me. Ever since then, I have been coming here to get help from the kind volunteers that give their time to come sit with us to help us understand more on what we are doing; I gladly appreciate it. The program has also given me opportunities to go on trips such as FCA Camp and the Marine Lab at Key Largo. The trip to FCA Camp has given me an experience with God that is fulfilling and unforgettable. I thank God everyday for the wonderful staff at New Horizon that has taught me to gain wisdom, respect, responsibility and so many other traits. Without New Horizons, I wouldn't be the person I am today. I made new life long best friends through this program and made memories that have an impact in my heart that makes me be forever grateful. The devotions that I hear at devotion time has made me understand things that I have done wrong and made me take steps to correct it next time it happens. It has allowed my faith in God grow, prosper and strengthen at the same time. After high school, my goal is to attend Cape Coral Technical College to become a dental assistant. I think it is a really interesting career path. Our dental health has a huge impact on our overall health and life, and I want to help people understand that. 


My name is Karen, and I am a senior at South Fort Myers High School. I joined New Horizon in 7th grade and I am still attending the program as I finish up 12th grade. I first found out about this program through my grandma who was looking for a church to attend to. Coming across Estero United Methodist Church she found Ms. Yady who works for New Horizon and as soon as she heard how helpful this program was she signed me up. I was pococurante at first until I got there and got help from volunteers who come and take hours away from their day to help us with our homework.  As well as having a very caring staff whom you can come and talk to and receive advice from with any situation that's going on. The program has also given me opportunities to go on trips such as going to FCA in Lakeland or going snorkeling at Key Largo and many more fun activities that I might have not done due to money issues. The program is also helping students achieve their goal of going to college by giving them scholarships to apply too, as well as taking us places that give us community service hours. I can’t express the amount of gratitude that I have towards this program and I am just grateful for everything that they have done for me. As I finish up my senior year in high school I hope to major in-game art at Ringling College of Arts and Design and do what I love for today I am who I am with all of my faults and my mistake.


Hello, my name is Lucero. I am currently a senior at Estero High School. I joined New Horizons in the 4th grade and am still attending the program as I finish my senior year. This organization has given me the help and mentoring, I not only needed in my academics, but in my spiritual wellbeing too. They have helped me apply for the Take Stock in Children Scholarship, which would have helped relieve the financial burden on my family. Although I didn't get the scholarship, I got accepted into the STAMP program, meant to help me apply for other scholarships as well as prepare me for college life. In terms of spiritual well being, I have learned that it is better to let something go than to let yourself be weighed down. Through scripture I have learned that it is better to have and hold compassion for one another. When it comes to familial relations, they make sure they have the support of the parents. Although my mother wasn't able to attend the Super Mom's Club, when they had it, I still felt it was the fact that they thought to have a club specifically for the parent adjust as well as they had helped the children adjust, that set them apart from other programs. I can't express the amount of gratitude I have for this program and am grateful for everything they have done for me and my family. After high school, I hope to major in bioengineering, and help those who need the extra push to help themselves.


Hello, my name is Maria and I am a senior at South Fort Myers High School. I first joined New Horizons in 8th grade and I am still attending this program as I finish up my senior year. Moving from one state to another was very difficult for me since I was nervous about losing all of my current friends and having to make new ones was very anxiety-inducing to me. But luckily,  I found out about this program through my neighbor, who were attending New Horizons since their kindergarten year. I was a little skeptical at first about this program; it sounded too good to be true. Every little aspect of New Horizons has helped me prepare for my future career, little by little. With the help of New Horizons, I first applied to the Take Stock In Children scholarship, and I was one of the scholarship winners at my school. Another thing that New Horizons has provided me with were volunteering opportunities. Many scholarships are about how you give back to the community, and since freshman year, I’ve been volunteering at the events New Horizons hosts’. Every aspect of New Horizons has helped keep me on track towards graduation, and I can't thank them enough for that. My plan for the future is to attend Florida Gulf Coast University and graduate with a major in Nursing. My ultimate goal is to become a labor and delivery nurse.


Hello my name is Marisela. I'm a senior at Estero High School. My plan after high school is to join the U.S. Army in their medical field. After having served in the military, I am planning to pursue a career in the medical field. I have a strong passion to become a neuro-surgeon. What inspired me to want to pursue this career path is my younger brother who was diagnosed with spina-bifida from birth. Since then, I have been up to date to every check-up. I joined New Horizons in the middle of sixth grade. By that time, my older brother, Jose Cortes, was working for super teens.  Jose talked to me about the great opportunities and offers that New Horizons gives to younger teens to pursue their dreams after high school. New Horizons has helped me from the very start. I learned to connect with others and get closer to God, they teach me daily about having faith in myself and in God. Besides that this program is not just about getting your work done or getting scholarships, it is also about building friendships, a family and helping others have a better life and future.


Hello my name is Melanie and I am a senior at Estero High School. I joined New Horizons when I was in kindergarten, and now as I am older, I thank my parents for bringing me into this program. I am grateful for the help and mentoring New Horizons has given me. Without them I do not think I would have excelled in my academics as well as I do now. When it came to doing my homework, the language barrier held me back from completing it. When I would have trouble with a particular problem, my parents would try their best to help me out. Although in the end, they wouldn’t understand it either. New Horizons was able to help me out. The diversity of the volunteers’ range of knowledge is so helpful and I am very appreciative of the volunteers that I have worked with and the strength that God has provided me throughout the program. By getting to know volunteers and New Horizons staff, I also have become more confident in speaking to others. When I was younger, I would never feel comfortable asking a teacher a question, even if I didn’t understand the subject. I would then end up trying to figure it out on my own because of my reserved personality. One day, I was particularly challenged with a chemistry question, so I got the courage to ask a volunteer named Mr. Fred about the problem and he was able to help me come up with a solution. New Horizons helps me break down those walls and become a more fearless and confident person every day. I would have never been able to have so many great opportunities if it wasn’t for New Horizons. They helped me get into the STAMP program: That is where the school gives me an extra mentor in addition to new Horizons. I was also able to collaborate with creating a book club for my high school. They have also taken me places I would have never gone to like snorkeling in the Florida keys and going to Lakeland for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes summer camp. Going to New Horizons and the FCA camp really helped my relationship with God develop into what it is now. I used to tell people I believe in God and say I’m a christian but then my actions would say otherwise. And as many of you may know,  in James 2:26 it says that faith without works is dead. I was only reminded of that through a devotional we did at Super Teens Club one afternoon in my junior year of highschool. That verse is one of my many motivations to keep my relationship with the Lord as strong as I can. It also really inspires me to be everything God wants me to be and following his word as closely as possible. I really want to thank New Horizons for all these great opportunities and most importantly the spiritual guidance they have given me throughout these past 13 years. New Horizons will always be a big part of who I am as a person and I treasure everyone I have met through it. In the near future I plan on going to FGCU and majoring in nursing where I hope to become a nurse anesthetist or a surgical nurse with the help of my family and God. Thank you, May God bless you all!


Hi, my name is Merari and I am currently a senior at Estero High School. I joined New Horizons when I was in 9th grade and I am still attending the program as I come to an end in this chapter. New Horizons has in all likelihood helped me in every aspect of life in the short amount of time that I have been attending. This superb organization has given me and many others, academic guidance and counseling through their mentors and volunteers. Recognizing that you have people who are willing to offer help provided by New Horizons diminishes the added tension that comes along with growing up. If I’m being frank, I didn’t think I’d ever come to this point in my life, on the other hand time never seemed to stop. As I watched the years go by, New Horizons has been unwavering. Still dazed with endless questions of the future, New Horizons has not only brought me mentors and volunteers, but everlasting friendships and memories that I will forever hold close to my heart. New Horizons has taught me to be a principled young woman. Through their devotions, they taught me the importance of showing compassion, honesty, trustworthiness, and virtue. I have seen how God has molded this organization into a refuge for kids, like me. And I wish to express the indebtedness that I have for this program and for the time that they have taken to guide me in this chapter of my life. Now I am in a position where I have to define my independence. After high school I plan on attending FSW and later on transferring to major in architecture. In the fullness of time, I desire to be successful in my own terms. My own terms will not be defined by my income but rather my accomplishments. It’s been a pleasure being a part of a lovely organization such as New Horizons, thank you.


Hello my name is Oscar. I’m currently a senior at Estero High School. I started my journey with New Horizons in the eighth grade alongside my youngest brother who is currently a sophomore at Estero High School. My parents heard about this program through my aunt who had a son in the program. Being a part of New Horizons has been an honor, privilege, and blessing to my family and I. I have received help with schoolwork and homework when I really needed it most. The staff and volunteers care about us all and it shows through their help and check ins with family and not just grades. After High School I plan on attending FT. Myers Technical college to pursue my dream to work within the automotive industry, that being Automotive Collision. This dream has been able to become a reality for me because of the people and the help of New Horizons. 


Hello my name is Roxanna and I am a senior at Estero High School. I Joined New Horizons when I was in 11th grade and I’m still in it as I finish 12th grade, I also attended New Horizons when I was in elementary it helped me with my homework throughout elementary and gave me experiences that I never thought of. Even if it has been the longest time I have gotten the help I need for my homework or projects. As well as asking volunteers for help when we don’t understand a subject. New horizons has given me the chance to become a better person in school and outside of school. They have given me opportunities of experiencing things that I could not have done without their help. For example, we got the opportunity to go to Key Largo and snorkel and learn about the ocean and it’s sea creatures as well as go fishing and learn how to. I have learned to be more outgoing and talk and be less shy. I have gotten to meet new friends that are amazing people which I’m glad I met because when I first came in without knowing me they made conversations with me, which I'm very thankful for. New horizons has taught me a lot of things and there are amazing people that do their best to make it the best experience. After high school I plan to attend Fort Myers Technical College to get certified in Cosmetology and Child development.


Hello, my name is Yuriria and I am a senior at Estero High School. I joined New Horizons in seventh grade and am still attending this year and plan to attend until graduation. I was born in Mexico and the transition from there to here was very difficult to adapt to. Personally school was very hard for me because of the language barrier. At a young age I was diagnosed with dyslexia. That made learning harder. I understood very little, was very slow ,and had a hard time grasping concepts. Those years were tough on me because no one at home spoke English meaning no one was able to help me with homework or understanding the lessons. I felt very useless and sad that my parents came to America and I couldn't even make them proud with my grades in school. As I moved on to middle school my mother became concerned because high schools would start to look at kids for admission and I was not up to the standards academically. We watched to see if I could handle 6th grade alone. When it was evident I needed help my mom found New Horizons. I thank God everyday that she did. Without them I don't think I would be able to walk across the stage and receive my high school diploma. They really helped get me the attention and help that I needed to be a great student. They motivated me to keep going even when I felt like I couldn't and helped me monitor my grades closely. I thank this program for giving me the greatest gift I could have ever been given, an opportunity. New Horizons means the world to me and I treasure every memory made there. They really helped me find the courage to ask for help when needed and admit that I don't know everything and that it's okay not to know. New Horizons has always been there for me when I needed them. I have many medical conditions that I struggle with everyday one being fibromyalgia. With this illness it is hard to concentrate and to think. This really affected my learning and education. My grades started to go down and I started to get depressed. However the people at new horizons were always offering to pray for me and help motivate me. They helped me see that it's ok to struggle as long as you keep trying.That really helped me become a better person and the best version of myself .That is the greatest thing that happened to me. Not only did they motivate me but they taught me how to be happy with myself. Now that i am graduating i think back to when I was small. I remember that back then  my dreams and aspirations were low because I didn't think I could make it anywhere. As I grew I realized that with the right help anything is possible. That helped me become aware of the fact that I was a good student and I could learn and be up to the standards of regular kids without dyslexia. My dreams began to expand. When I graduate my plan is to attend FGCU or FSW and become an OB/GYN or neurosurgeon.

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