Frequently Asked Questions


Q - How can I become a better tutor?

A - If you are a new volunteer, welcome! We offer a new volunteer orientation/training session at the start of the fall and in the spring (typically October and February) to help you become the best tutor possible.

We also offer more curriculum-specific training sessions throughout the year to help volunteers with what our students are learning in the classroom.


Q - When's the best time to volunteer?

A - You are welcome to volunteer on any day(s) most convenient for you. However, many of our volunteers live in Florida seasonally, so we are in desperate need of volunteers during the months before they arrive and the months after they leave. If you are available August - October and April - May, please consider volunteering during those necessary times.


Q - How do help students with common core math?

A - Come to each volunteer training for specific instruction on using common core methods to solve homework problems in each grade level. Trainings will cover new math content being taught each quarter in the school districts. Other subject content will be covered as it applies as well.