Volunteer Tips for Super Kids Club: Tutoring

1. We only have approximately a half hour to work together. Get right to work and encourage your students to be prepared and organized.

2. Begin with the student's homework. Insist that you MUST see their homework each time you meet even if they have already completed it. Check it for errors or for misunderstanding of concepts. Give praise and positive feedback.

3. Do not spend too much time on repetitive skills or work they have already mastered and can complete at home. You will learn quickly which areas they need more assistance. Spend your time together on those.

4. As you discover which skills and areas your students need help with, ask the student to explain to you what they DO know so you can understand where their learning breaks down. Create new examples or practice on the available white boards. Make up games or fun ways to learn. Choose appropriate flash cards or learning games from the cabinet.

5. Always ask the student to verbalize their thought process as they would on a skill. Do not simply "explain" how to do a skill without checking to make sure the student understands.