Volunteers Ask: How Can We Get Training?

At the end of the school year, we asked for feedback from our volunteers in our annual volunteer survey. Over the summer, we read each response and learned a great deal about what volunteers want and need from New Horizons. We offer two different types of training for our volunteers.

New Volunteer Orientation/Training

If you are a new volunteer, welcome! We offer a new volunteer orientation/training session at the start of the fall and in the spring (typically October and February) to help you become the best tutor possible.

Any volunteer may attend this training to learn tutoring tips and tricks. This is also an opportunity to meet the volunteer coordinator, mingle with other volunteers and discuss best practices. This year, volunteer training will take place in the first week in November

Curriculum Training at Clubs

These are smaller, more specific curriculum training in reading and math. This training uses materials and topics that students are learning in school, so it is the best way to learn how to best help them with their homework. Please keep an eye out for this training in the fall and again in the spring.