Volunteers Ask: How Can I Become a Better Math Tutor?

When volunteers sit down to help students with their homework, many find that the math curriculum is a bit different than they remember it.

The purpose of the current math curriculum is to help students understand big math concepts rather than simply memorizing steps to problem solving. In the end, students are still learning to add, subtract, multiply and divide; however, the goal is that they will understand why they are doing each operation.

In order to help volunteers learn how math is being taught in the classroom today, we offer trainings at various times throughout the year. These trainings include:

  • pages from students' textbooks at each grade level

  • an explanation of why math is being taught that way

  • tools for helping students with their homework

Our goal is to support our students with the current challenges they face each day and give them the tools they need to be successful. It is important to remember that they don't have anyone to help them at home, so what you do at the club is of tremendous benefit to them. We want our Super Kids and Teens to know they are not alone as they are navigating through school and life!