Volunteers Ask: How can I better understand students' reading goals at school? Where can I find

These are great concerns for the start of a new school year. We know that you want to be the best tutors possible. To help equip you, we offer two different types of training for our volunteers.

New Volunteer Orientation/Training

We offer a new volunteer orientation/training session at the start of the fall and in the spring to help you become the best tutor possible. But it's not only for new volunteers; these sessions are also great for those who want a refresher or wish to learn more tutoring tips and tricks. This is also an opportunity to meet the volunteer coordinator, mingle with other volunteers and discuss best practices. This fall, volunteer training will take place in November (see below for more info).

Curriculum Training at Clubs

These are smaller, more specific curriculum training sessions in reading and math. This training uses materials and topics that students are learning in school, so it is the best way to learn how to better help them with their homework. This training will be offered on your normal day of tutoring at every site* - just show up one hour early for the training! These sessions will kick off onOctober 1 (see below for more dates).

Additionally, New Horizons uses a teacher communication form to stay in touch with the teacher’s expectations. Club Directors have work that the students should do on the occasions when they don’t have homework. The staff at your site are a great resource and can provide you the details.

*Oak Creek volunteers will attend Bonita SKC for the training